Active Priorities

Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care

The AFN RCO-NF&NS, has partnered with the Jimmy Pratt Foundation to begin working on a plan for Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care (IELCC) in our region. As a part of this work, we are proposing we hold an IELCC gathering to bring together the First Nations and Nova Scotia together to share the work each is doing in their communities and discuss future directions for IELCC. A working group will be formed, with a member from each Nation, to guide the development of the gathering.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is a visionary step towards addressing the human rights of Indigenous peoples around the world. UNDRIP is a foundational document that clarifies Aboriginal Rights as inherent rights and affirms the supremacy of our Treaty Rights as First Nations. UNDRIP is the legal framework that provides a guiding path forward for Nation-to-Nation relationships and reconciliation.

For more information on UNDRIP please visit the Assembly of First Nations website.

Archive Priorities

Our office has completed 12 engagements across Nova Scotia to date with Elders, Youth, Woman, Friendship Centre Staff. COVID – 19 Surveys has been developed and sent out to First Nations in our region to all Business, Health Care Providers, and Community Members, with great input received. We are in the process of putting together a report of our findings and will share what we have heard throughout our engagements sessions across the region.

Policing engagements have been held across Nova Scotia with Elders, Youth, Councils, service providers, and former officers. The information gathered will be compiled into a report, which will outline Nova Scotia needs and priorities around First Nations Policing. A virtual Mi’kmaw Policing Forum took place on June 9th, 2022. At the forum we shared what we have heard throughout our engagement sessions and gathered some final thoughts and feedback before preparing the First Nations Policing as an Essential Service Report. This report is expected to be available by the end of August.

The AFN, Office of the Regional Chief for Nova Scotia (ORC NL&NS) undertook a series of engagements with First Nations leadership and stakeholders in the Nova Scotia region to seek feedback and dialogue from Mi’kmaq on long-term reform (LTR) of the First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) Program and Jordan’s Principle (JP); and to review the terms of proposed Settlement Agreement regarding FNCFS & JP LTR.

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